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Having A Garage or Yard Sale?


Now you can let the 270bg community know all the details and it's FREE!


1. Just tap on the button below that says "Put MY Sale On 270bg"

2. Fill out the information form

3. Click submit

4. Thats all you have to do


Once we receive you information, and approve your listing content, we will build your listing and post it in Garage & Yard Sale section.


Terms and Conditions:

1. Free listings are limited to 50 word descriptions and 1 photo

2. Street Address, City and Zip Code Must Be Included

3. No Profanity In Your Description

4. No Advertising of Illegal or Inappropriate Items, Content, or Pictures

5. Date and Times are Required

6. 270bg Reserves the right to delete or not publish any submission that does not meet the minimal requirements above



If you have any questions please contact us at (270) 783-3230