BG Mobile Mechanic

PO Box 51574, Bowling Green, Ky 42102



A veteran owned business with 13 years experience in the automotive industry. 

Being a one-man mobile mechanic means bigger savings with faster results.


Everything from needing new timing belts to rotating your tires, pick from a vast variety of services that cater to your needs for an affordable price.


While most dealerships and auto mechanics upcharge their services, B.G. Mobile Mechanic gives you the real diagnosis and honest price.


Don’t put more wear and tear on your vehicle by driving to a shop, or waste money towing your car to get it fixed or serviced. That takes away from the whole point: It’s a service. We come to you when you can’t come to us.about.jpg


William Rosson, the man behind B.G. Mobile Mechanic, created his company to redefine auto service. His mechanical background extends back to 2008, where he first started his trade while serving in the U.S. Military. Returning home in 2012, he began working for various high-end auto dealerships.


It was during this time that the idea for B.G. Mobile was fully realized. William started to notice that corporate companies were taking advantage of both their workers and customers. Knowing that he could provide a more efficient service built with honesty and integrity, he did just that.


B.G. Mobile Mechanic is here for you.